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StorageWorks 8/20q f/c Switch & NetWare

Geoff Keochakian
Occasional Contributor

StorageWorks 8/20q f/c Switch & NetWare

We have old HP server hardware that needs to be upgraded. I am interested in implementing the 8/20q fiber channel switch with the Simple SAN connection kit, connecting it to new HP server hardware and running Novell NetWare 6.5SP7 on that server hardware. I want to use the SAN as a boot device for the servers, if possible, with no internal drives in the servers. Are there any driver compatibility issues I should be aware of before going down this path?

We also want to pursue virtualization with VMware down the road, so we're making sure the server hardware we purchase now is VMware-certified. Ultimately, we want to migrate all servers (both Microsoft and Novell) to virtual servers, and use these 2 servers as hosts in a pool of VMware resources, all connecting to the 8/20q switch.

Can anyone identify any potential problems we might run into with this scenario, especially on the Novell driver side of the picture?

Thanks! -- Geoff