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StorageWorks Director 4/256 Gateway IP Conflicting

Occasional Contributor

StorageWorks Director 4/256 Gateway IP Conflicting

Hi Everyone

I have an issue setting up a new SW Director 4/256 SAN Switch . After configuring the management IP's for the switch and both CP0 and CP1 cards the system starts to conflict with the gateway address. My config is as below :

sw0 -
Mask -

CP0 -
Mask -
GW -

CP1 -
Mask -
GW -

This subnet is our management VLAN and is supernetted 192.168.2 and 192.168.3.

I of course have double checked and re- checked all IPs and nothing is configured to use the Gateway address..

Logs from the CISCO router are as follows :

Mar 22 16:34:53.680: %IP-4-DUPADDR: Duplicate address on Vlan502, sourced by 0005.1e02.f15e

Any help would be extemely helpful.