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StorageWorks MSA 30

Hello all! I currently have a StorageWorks MSA 30 with 8 300GB drives. Currently only 7 are being recognized by the Array Config Utility. I currently have a RAID 5 setup. I did some research on this Storage Array, and it states a 2TB limit. My 7 drives are about 2.1TB. Is this the reason my 8th 300GB isn't being recognized by the Array Config Utility? Is there a way around this via a firmware patch or something? Below is a link to the Storage Array I currently have.

Thank you all for the help and suggestions regarding this matter.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: StorageWorks MSA 30

It sounds like you have an "MSA30 DB" (DB = dual bus). Check the back of the box if the right module has two VHDCI-style connectors. If that's true, the box has two different SCSI busses (A: bay 1..7, B: bay 8..14). You could replace the I/O module by a single-port one or check if the SmartArray controller you use is able to drive two SCSI busses.

> it states a 2TB limit.

That is the maximum for a single logical disk. A disk drive array can be larger that 2TB and the controller should be able to recognize any unconfigured disks despite the 2TB limit.