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Storageworks 4/256 SAN Director Switch

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Storageworks 4/256 SAN Director Switch



I have two "Storageworks 4/256 SAN Director Switch's" and need to have them email me when there are any changes to them or issues, I have looked but cant see how this is done.


I use the gui mostly and have entered my email addess but can't see where to enter the email server smtp details.




Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Storageworks 4/256 SAN Director Switch

Tried to find somethin in the Fabric OS command reference manual but could not.


BNA has this feature, see here for some example on what you could get:


If you don't want to run BNA you could set up auditing in the switches and have them send zone changes, config and more to a syslogd server with auditcfg and syslogdip commands from the CLI after you've set up a syslogd. Then on the syslogd server you could set it to send e-mails based on what it sees in the logs.