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Storageworks MSA 2312fc dead

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Storageworks MSA 2312fc dead

Dear community,

I wanted to replace my server rack and shutdown all components, also my MSA 2312fc. After shutdown I detach power and replace my rack.

Unfortunately all hardware starts without problems except my MSA 2312fc. Both power supply indicators displays only green. The front error indicator of the MSA displays orange.

The harddisk indicators glows only for 2 seconds when switching the MSA on or when detaching a harddisk and attaching again.

All led indicators on the back of both (!) fc-controllers are off, the CLIs doesn't answer. IT seems, that both controllers are dead. But: after opening one controller I saw that there is a standard power plug on the board. Connecting this power plug the controller is alive again. Therefore I changed the backplane (only single point of failure), because of the guess that the controllers get no power. Unfortunately without success story...

Is there any idea?

My second question: FC is nice, but oversized for my home. If there is no chance to bring the 2312fc back to life, is it possible, to replace the harddisk (6 x 1 TB as RAID 5) in a MSA 2312i iSCSI without data loss? (Financially more attractive than a FC ;-)

Thx and best regards