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Strange behaviour MSA (or Windows?)


Strange behaviour MSA (or Windows?)

We recently purchased MSA1000 in basic configuration (1 FC I/O module, 1 MSA controller and 3 SCSI disks). MSA and server (windows 2003 entr. eval. ) were connected
to same FC switch. Windows server has HBA FC2214. Windows server detect MSA controller through ACU. All is ok.
But a problem is here:
if I create a new array in CLI of MSA Windows server does not detect the new array (in no way) and i cann't create partition, logical drive and so on. At the same time ACU "sees" new RAID configuration and report all is ok!
But if i delete this new array and recreate in ACU Windows server detect it very well and run configuration wizard in Disk Management.
Where is the problem?

We intend to migrate disk arrays from Proliant servers to MSA1000 and i don't want to delete information from arrays if windows will not detect it.
Advice me please.
Thank You very much.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Strange behaviour MSA (or Windows?)

What CLI commands are you using to create the array?

Your last paragraph make it sound like you are trying to do a DtS (DAS to SAN) migration (removing your data disks from the ProLiant and putting them in the MSA without the loss of data), no? If yes, get hold of document '15D6-0801A-WWEN' - 'DtS Data Migration to the MSA1000 â Microsoft Environments'. You can download a copy from:

Re: Strange behaviour MSA (or Windows?)

I use standard CLI command of MSA to create disk array (of 3 disks):
add unit 0 data="DISKxxx-DISKyyy" RAID_LEVEL=5
And Windows server does not detect the disk array.

No, I intend to realize DtS in the near future. The steps discribed above is test. But I am afraid that same situation will be took place when i will install disk arrays with real data.

Tarmo Linnam?gi

Re: Strange behaviour MSA (or Windows?)


Do you use the Selective Storage Presentation? If you do then did you enable the connections on the new unit on the ACU but you did not on the CLI?
On the CLI the command would be ADD ACL CONNECTION=windows_server_connection_name UNIT=the_number_of_new_unit.
I hope that is the case ... :)

On the migration. I have done this several times over last months and it is working fine. The only thing that matters is that the server from which you are migrating and MSA1000 must be powered down when you are migrating the disks.
Also - make sure that you have recent backup before migrating since if the MSA is not recognizing the array for some reason then with the older SmartArray cards you cannot put the disks back to original location also - it will tell you something like "This array is configured with the newer raid controller".
So good luck and if you have additional questions let me know. Also i can help on the switch zoning, Secure path and/or on the booting from MSA part :)