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Suddenly...segmented no fabric license

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Suddenly...segmented no fabric license



We have 2 fabrics with 4 switches each one. Each fabric has 2 core switches (HP Storageworks 8/8, 4Gb, 24 ports) and 3 edge switches (HP B-series 8/12c SAN Switch BladeSystem c-class) made, ofcourse by Brocade.

A couple of weeks ago we added a storage that required to upgrade the switches firmware. That task was done with no complications. Last week several blade servers were added to SAN and zones were created, configurations saved and enabled.

After that, one of the core switches changed the status of its 3 E ports to "(segmented) (no fabric license)". The devices attached to that switch are working fine but the other switches are isolated since the ISL was broken, the other fabric is ok.


As I told you guys both fabrics are alike. Hardware, configuration, licensing, components, etc.


There is a post I read in HP that says the switch must be restarted but I don't want to do anything without being sure nothing else is going to happen and the scenarios was a bit different than ours. I think that perhaps it's just a software problem and at the end just restarting the switch can solve it but I'd like to have a more technical solution or explanation.




Attached a document with screenshots and a couple of messages we saw at the logs history.


I hope anyone can help us on this issue.



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Suddenly...segmented no fabric license


before you attempt a restart do run a 'supportsave/supportshow' on that switch (why not all), and also a 'configupload'. Just for keepers. Is that how you checked that the switches have the same hw/config/license/components?

What I'd check is the output of 'licenseshow'. Compare that to another switch. Odds are there is one called 'fabric license' that is missing.

Which firmware did you upgrade from and to?

Did you add the new zones via 'zone*' commands on the CLI?
Maybe there is a bad symbol or something in the zoning config that's messing up the licensing..