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Switch Disk on MSA 2040

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Switch Disk on MSA 2040


New Years greetings to all!

we recently had to replace a disk in a linear DG (RAID 50) containing only 450GB drives. As soon as we physically removed the pre-failure disk, a 900 GB global spare kicked in and the DG rebuilt using the 900GB disk. We than plugged in the new 450GB replacement drive and marked it as dedicated spare for the DG.

How to "recover" the 900 GB drive (active good) back to global spare and use the 450GB drive instead without taking down any of the disk groups?

The setup contains several other disk groups with 900GB disks, so I want the 900GB drive back. I haven't found a way to mark the 900GB drive "failed" without physically removing the drive. I case I remove the 900GB drive, is there a way to clean it afterwards using "clear disk-metadata"?

Thanks for any help !



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Re: Switch Disk on MSA 2040



Unfortunately, there is no option to mark a drive as failed in MSA.


You could pull the 900GB drive out by 1-2 inches and wait for 450GB dedicated spare drive to kick in and rebuild to get completed.

Insert the 900GB drive once the rebuild gets completed and it should appear in left over state.

Use the clear disk meta data option to bring the 900GB disk back to available state.


From SMU guide:


To clear metadata from leftover disks
1. In the System topic, select Action > Clear Metadata. The Clear Metadata panel opens.
2. Select the leftover disks from which to clear metadata.
3. Click OK.
4. Click Yes to continue. Otherwise, click No. If you clicked Yes, the metadata is cleared.
5. Click OK.


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