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System Detected Failure (RAID Controller B)


System Detected Failure (RAID Controller B)

Dear Sirs, 


I am pretty new in server environment. I hope someone can help me adresse the problem and help me fix it. :)


I have a MSA 2000 (2012i) which has 2 raid controllers A and B ..


A is running fine but B is having some problem. I have this error message went i login to the webinterface



Module                 Present PrimaryStatus Status Secondary Serial Number HW Version

RAID Controller A YES Online Up /removed    LCA 56-27

RAID Controller B YES Failed System Detected Failure N/A                     



Maybe related Event Log : 

3)Kill line released (allow other RAID controller to boot)  

2)FRU type: RAID IOM B, problem: encl 0. Product ID: , S/N: rev: . Related event ID: 4112, type: 313 

1)RAID controller B failed, reason PCIE link recovery failed. Product ID , S/N 



Can someone help me with the first step to trouble shoot this error..