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The answer for questions about MSL6030,2/16,EVA3000 on solaris

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The answer for questions about MSL6030,2/16,EVA3000 on solaris

on Oct 31, 2004 I asked the following questions.and now the problem was resolved.

questions as followings:
My customer with a EVA3000,MSL6030 with 1 ultrium 2 driver and FC router,2 HP StorageWorks SAN switch 2/16 connect to a san,there's some trouble in using ,details as follow:
1.MSL6030 with a FC router connect to a san switch,Secure Path install on a sun server with OS solaris 8 for sharing the EVA3000 disks and there are two HBA installed ,another sun server connect to san for sharing MSL6030 with OS solaris 9,driver for FCA 2257p install on these two sun servers
2.All the two sun servers can see and use the EVA3000 disk
3.The sun server with Secure Path installed cann't see MSL6030,but the other one can see and use correctly.
4.I'm sure the cable and all physics connects are ok.

The resolution for them as followings:
on Solaris server with secure path I edit the qla2300.conf and add hba0 line like this:
then edit st.conf file like this:
name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@9,600000/QLGC,qla@2" target=64 lun=0;
name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@9,600000/QLGC,qla@2" target=64 lun=1;
name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@9,700000/QLGC,qla@2" target=64 lun=0;
name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@9,700000/QLGC,qla@2" target=64 lun=1;
before I didn't add these for thinking the hba1 is the active card and only add hba1 in this 2 config files.

thanks for all help and replies.