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There is a problem with a FRU

Marcus Martin
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There is a problem with a FRU

I have this error is one of my P2000 G3 Sans and for the life of me I cant find a resolution. Anyone have any insights.


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Re: There is a problem with a FRU

As per the error details it seems Enc 2 IO module A having issue?

How many drive enclosure attached with Controller Enc ?

Did you tried to physically re-seat IO module A of Enc 2 ?

Did you tried to re-seat SAS cables connected to IO module A of Enc 2?

Did you tried to Power Cycle the MSA ?


Hope this helps!

I am an HPE employee

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Re: There is a problem with a FRU

A sequential powerycle of the MSA array setup is recommended.
After that run the CLI command: rescan <enter>
This will rebuild/ rescan your backend SAS map.

If the issue persists it would be ideal to log a support case with HPE and have the logs reviewed or IOMs replaced by the HPE Support team for in warranty / contract MSA.

I work for HPE