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Tru64 Boot on SAN MSA 1000

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Tru64 Boot on SAN MSA 1000

Dear All,

I`m trying to configure boot on SAN from Alpha sistem running Tru64 UNIX with MSA1000.
I`m using two HBA adapters (FCA-2354)with latest available firmware configured for fabric topology.
MSA1000 have two 2/8FC shitches.
MSA 1000 controllers are configured for Tru64.
There is no problem to access and use all LUN`s configured on MSA 1000 when system is booted from local system disk.
In console mode, after WWIDMGR -QUICKSET command, all LUN`s are recognized by the system with message that they can be used after INIT command.
When I submit INIT command,on a next boot,there is no any information about previously detected MSA 1000 LUN`s.

Any suggestions or similar expirience?


Uwe Zessin
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Re: Tru64 Boot on SAN MSA 1000

I have just written an answer in the following thread - please let us continue the discussion there: