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Tru64 with MSA1000

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Tru64 with MSA1000

I have just configured a MSA1000 with the latest firmware to a TRU64 Cluster and everything seems to be working except the number of connections that I see at the console. I have to 2/8 switches included with the MSA1000 and when I do a wwidmgr -quickset -item 0 -udid 100 I see only two connections at the console not the four as I would expect. The controlers are configure for active/standby, which I believe is the only way they can be configure so it looks like I am only see the connections from the active controller. The problem I'm having is if I fail the active controller over while the machine is at the console I can no longer boot.
The Alphas have two HBA and each hba goes to a different 2/8 included in the back of the MSA1000.

Is this normal two see only two connections? The Tru64Cluster MSA manual shows four connections, but I can't figure out how to get four. I have done everything that the manual said to do.