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Re: Two MSA1000 and secure path software

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Two MSA1000 and secure path software

May I use two msa1000,two SAN swith,two server inside two HBA card and secure path software to implement single point fail. (Usually i just use one MSA1000).

If above can work. I want to replicate data with Windwos 2003 OS mirror for synchronize data.

If above can not work. One of MSA1000 don't join to single point fail domain. but still connect to SAN swith. I use OS mirror for data replication and to combine one driver letter. When MSA1000 of single point fail domain is crashed ,I still access the MSA1000 data from mirrored MSA1000 storage.
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Re: Two MSA1000 and secure path software

Yes, it will work to connect two servers to two MSA1000s and mirror the LUNs in the OS.
Not in a cluster though, since Windows does not support dynamic disks in a cluster.