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Unable to "remove spare" from array (MSA 500 G2)

Aaron Blosser

Unable to "remove spare" from array (MSA 500 G2)

I had a spare drive assigned to one of my arrays (array B) on an MSA 500 G2 (HBA was the external port of a 6i controller on a DL380 G4).

I wanted to unassign the spare to use in a new array with some other unused disks, but the ACU wouldn't let me do it! :( The spare wasn't being used, and the wizard or the manual steps all let me pick the drive to unassign, but then nothing happened.

I ended up using (and had to learn) the ACU CLI and that removed the spare drive okay, but I was wondering if anyone had run into that. It set me back a few minutes while I fussed with it.

The version of ACU I used, and the MSA 500 G2 and the Smart Array 6i have the latest firmwares installed.