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Unable to snapshot-enable volume on MSA2000FC

Ivan Turk
New Member

Unable to snapshot-enable volume on MSA2000FC


We have dual controller MSA 2212fc with 8 Snapshot LTU. I created several vdisks and and several standard volumes. I have also created one vdisk vith no volumes, and there I have created 6 SnapPools. I have been able to snapshot-enable 3 volumes, and converted them to master volumes. I wanted to do this for all standard volumes, but when I try, i get error that I need to "Please create a Snap Pool on this controller before attempting to snapshot-enable a volume".

There are 4 snap pools available, and they are on the same controller as volumes, and pools are not assigned to any master disk.
I even tried to delete standard volume, and create master volume, but same error appears.
Are there any limitations I am not aware of, or this is some firmware problem? I have the newest firmware J200P19.

Thank you for any info!!