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Updating MSA 2040 drive firmware. (VMware/Vsphere/ESXi hosts).

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Updating MSA 2040 drive firmware. (VMware/Vsphere/ESXi hosts).

I recently updated the controller firmware on an MSA 2040.  Tomorrow the drive firmware requires updating..

There are two ESXi hosts (VSphere) connected, by fibre to the MSA.

I know it is important there is no I/O during the update.  The plan was to shut down all VM's on the two hosts, then shut down/power-off the hosts, before starting the update.

Is this an adequate way of preapring for the update, is is there a better way or anything else to watch out for?



Re: Updating MSA 2040 drive firmware. (VMware/Vsphere/ESXi hosts).


You have described the best practice way to update drive firmware for servers attached to an MSA storage array.

The one other step you should take is to have a current backup (if possible) and verify the health of the vdisks or disk-groups prior to upgrading the drives. Make sure they are all healthy and there is no reconstruction occurring.


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Re: Updating MSA 2040 drive firmware. (VMware/Vsphere/ESXi hosts).

Thanks.  One drive has reported a few errors but MSA says monitor disk only.  There are 3 global spares.  Veeam backups are every night.

Re: Updating MSA 2040 drive firmware. (VMware/Vsphere/ESXi hosts).

Your way of upgrade exactly right.

Considering drive errors if there is any drive logging hard error or medium errors then better to replace them before you go for the drive firmware upgrade.

I am not sure if you have external drive enclosure as well. Then review firmware version for those drive enclosure IO modules as well and upgrade them.

Keep in mind that in any hardware system it's always recommended to fix hardware issue first and then go for firmware update.


Hope this helps!

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