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Upgrade P2000 from FIRST(TS200R021) firmware to latest?

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Upgrade P2000 from FIRST(TS200R021) firmware to latest?


I stumbled upon a customer whos got a P2000 SAS SAN.

He has connected 2 D2700 enclosures, one with firmware 0131 and one with 0103.



The reason I was contacted, was that one disk in the enclosure with FW: 0131 had gone into leftover mode


I also saw in the logs, that this enclosure spams the log with reports that the power supplies are failing.


According to the customer it has done that since it was installed, but they havent bothered to do anything about it.....



I suspect this is because enclosure firmware is newer that the P2000.

I have looked for compatability guides regarding the P2000 and D2700, but have not found anything.


In that matter I have some questions:


1. What should I do with the disk that got into leftover? the log does not go that far back that I can see the reason.

I guess the safest thing is replacing it ?



2. What is the correct steps to upgrade?

First P2000 controllers / enclosure then Drive enclosures??


3. Also can I upgrade directly from TS200R021 to latest firmware TS250P003 ?


4. Will this be an offline upgrade? or can it be done online?








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Re: Upgrade P2000 from FIRST(TS200R021) firmware to latest?

First I would clear the metadata from the leftover disk. The array will rebuilt, wait until this is finished. Then disable partner firmware update und update the first controller using the SMU or FTP. Wait a couple of minutes and update the second controller. The update the D2700 to 147. Finally upgrade the disk drives. The disk update is an offline upgrade.

For details see the TS250P003 release notes.

Hope this helps!

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