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Upgrade firmware P2000 G3 SAS


Upgrade firmware P2000 G3 SAS


I'm having an 2 HP P2000 G3 SAS storage. And it has the following error :

218 CAPI_EVENT_SUPERCAP_END_OF_LIFE "SuperCap End of Life" ); 

I read that an firmware update could resolve the issue.

But the latest firmware needs some firmware versions before I can get to the latest one.

What are the best steps to upgrade to latest version and where can I download the older firmwares.

See the attachment with the current version.

Mike Texter
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Re: Upgrade firmware P2000 G3 SAS

Unfortunately a lot of that P2000 firmware is locked down by HP (or HPE or HPEnterprise, whatever they call themselves now), unless you have a valid support contract with them covering the unit in question. 

A supercap end of life event sounds like it would need replacing, regardless of firmware.  It's a very common failure. 

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