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Use HP P2000 as data storage for VM?

K Dyck
Occasional Contributor

Use HP P2000 as data storage for VM?

Hello. We have a P2000 G3 that we use for storing virtual machines. We have two physical hosts that run ESX 4.x that connect directly to the P2000.


I just added two new disks (RAID1) that I wanted to use as data storage for one of our virtual machines. Without giving it much thought I figured I would be able to provision the new drives and connect to them directly with the virutal machine, but after actually installing the drives I'm not sure it's possible.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I have to add this new storage to the VM Hosts, and then add it to the VM?



Mark Matthews
Respected Contributor

Re: Use HP P2000 as data storage for VM?

Yes, I think you'd need to either extend your existing datastore in ESX or create an additional one.


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