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Using dual-port SATA drives in MSA P2000


Using dual-port SATA drives in MSA P2000

Hello everyone,

I have MSA p2000 with several models of drives:

  1. MM1000FBFVR HP SAS 7.2k (type from SMU: SAS)
  2. INTEL SSDSC2BA40 Intel DC S3700 Series SATA SSD (type from SMU: sSATAs)
  3. ST2000LM015-2E81 Seagate SATA 5.4k (type from SMU: SATA-S)



As you can see each drive has different Type: SAS, sSATAs and SATA-S. But in the Guide there isn't type sSATAs:


So my main question about it: is sSATAs a Dual-port SATA?

What is Dual-port SATA is it possible? 

I always thought that all SAS drives is Dual-port and all SATA drives is Single-port. And if we need use SATA drives in MSA with redundancy  we must use interposer. But SATA-SAS interposer available only for 3.5 shelves. So we can't use SATA drives with interposer with redundancy in 2.5 shelves. But now I'm not shure that it is true.

So. Can we use Dual-port SATA drives in P2000 2.5 shelves and it will work correctly with redundancy?

How we can understand is specific SATA drive Dual-port or Single-port? I didn't see this informations in specifications.


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Re: Using dual-port SATA drives in MSA P2000

Hi Grishko,

you are right. By default, SATA Drives are Single Port.

But the MSA has two Controllers and both need a Path to the Disk Drive, so how to handle this?

They take a SATA Drive and attach a SAS Electronics.

HPE Marketing called them "Midline Drives".

Other Storages simply attach a converter Chip in the Drive Carrier to make SATA Dual port.



I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.

Re: Using dual-port SATA drives in MSA P2000

Thanks for your reply!

Can you answer my question: is sSATAs a Dual-port SATA?

You can see screens about it in my first post.


Re: Using dual-port SATA drives in MSA P2000


I would recommend to refert the compatibility table found under the Cutomer Advisory. It helps.

You can refer P2000 G3 Quick spec and it clearly says "The P2000 G3 Arrays do not support SSDs." (page no 2)

I have also checked in MSA drive search link but didn't find INTEL SSDSC2BA40 Intel DC S3700 Series SATA SSD (type from SMU: sSATAs) so this drive shouldn't be used with P2000

Now coming to sSATA, I think this indicates Secondary SATA which may be providing Dual-port support but SATA is always single port. Now coming to the screenshot that you have shared, show disks command output shows type SATA as Dual-port but this may be because of MDL SAS drives. These are nothing but SATA drives in SAS caddy which is making them Dual-port.

There is another way to confirm from P2000 itself. Just check show disks output or capture MSA log and try to see the heading of "Disk Drive Details" and look at column ChA ChB and SP.


Hope this helps!

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