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VLS Chassis

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VLS Chassis

Hello Guys, i use some VLS Chassis, but i dont know what Type it is, the Current Storage Controller Code Version is J201R12. How can i find out what type of Chassis i use and how can i find a Firmware Update? thanks rené
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Re: VLS Chassis

I think this is a MSA2000 G1, it was also a part of VLS9000 systems.

Hope this helps!

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Re: VLS Chassis

Hello, thanks for this Information, now i search Firmware Files. regards ré

Re: VLS Chassis



The J201 firmware was only used on the MSA2012 systems. That is a G1 array that is End of Support Life. The MSA 2300 G2 systems were never supported with VLS.

Additionaly, the system is set to show up as a VLS appliance. You may not be able to upgrade using a Smart Component designed for a MSA 2012 array. You also may experience issues with trying to find a firmware file for the G1 array as it is no longer supported.

Do be aware the drives for the MSA G1 arrays are no longer manufcatured by drive vendors nor supported in newer arrays. Putting data on such an old system is risky and may not offer you the performance or connectivity with newer OS systems you will need for your environment. You might consider talking to your sales representative and upgrading to a newer array. 


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