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Vdisk showing no data on my P2000

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Vdisk showing no data on my P2000

Ok, a little back storey on what has happened since last Friday. I was putting in a new UPS and was going to test the old to see how bad it was, hit self-test and everything that was hooked up to it (p2000 storage, 3 HP iLO servers) shut off. After they rebooted, one of my controllers failed on reboot leaving me with one working one on my SAN. Oh forgot to mention that warranty is out. Some how since then, the ip addresses for my iLO servers got changed to be the same as my corrosponding ESXi hosts. On Monday I noticed that I kept losing connectivity to my ESXi hosts and that's when I found out about the ip address issue. I powered them all down and reconfigured the ip addresses for all 3 of them and reset and turned back on. I did that today, Monday, and now I'm left with this issue.

I am supposed to have 2 vdisk, vd1 should have 2 volumes and vd2 should have 1 volume. Each volume is attached as a datastore to an ESXi host and used with my VMWare servers. All the data is still there and my production environment is currently not affected, but in my storage management utility all the vdisk are gone. I even sshed into the controller and tried the command "show volumes" and it came back with nothing. I'm not sure what is going on with it right now.

Does anybody have an idea???


Re: Vdisk showing no data on my P2000

After having a known good backup; I would consider scheduling a downtime, shutting down the hosts, and doing a clean complete restart of the MSA by using the "restart sc both" and "restart mc both" commands. My guess is that you have some stale management controller data or other quirkyness caused by the 'failed' controller. Maybe a clean reboot will revive the failed controller too?

See  page 126.


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