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Virtual Disk Groups or Linear Disk Groups

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Virtual Disk Groups or Linear Disk Groups



i have one server HP Proliant DL380 G9 with HBA Dual Ports and Windows Server 2012 R2 Installed.


i have one HP Storage MSA 2040 Dual Controller (SMU v3) and one D2700 Disk Enclosure.


My Server is connected to the storage using FC connection.


Our objective is that the Server (Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition) should be has a partition drive (like D:\Data) with the size 11 TB, and this partition is for Backup Purposes (using software backup)


So My Questions are :

  1. Which one should i choose for the Disk Groups, Virtual Disk groups or Linear Disk Groups ?
    • if i choose Virtual Disk Group, should i create two pools (A & B) and create the volumes and the size of each volume is 5 TB and 6 TB ? This volumes will be dedicated for Backup Purpose (we have software backup and it will use this partition)
    • From the server (windows server 2012 R2), these volumes would be created on two unallocated spaces, how i supposed to do to create one partition from two disks unallocated space from the two volumes that has been created in the Storage ? is it recommended using storage pools feature from windows server 2012 ?
    • If i choose Linear Disk Groups, i have no idea about this one. kindly your help for the explanation.
  2. This server and the storage is connected using FC cables directly (without SAN Switch), so from servers only 2 FC cables that connected to the storage controller A (FC-1) and Controller B (FC-2). Next Week the SAN Switch will arrive to our Data Center, so that in this case, i want to move the connectivity between Server and the storage from directly connection to using the SAN Switch. How is the storage host mapping will happen if i add 2 FC cables from storage to SAN Switch, like Storage Controller A (FC-2) and Controller B (FC-2) ?

Kindly your advice. Thank you.