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What is the compaction ratio in hp msa 2050 ?

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What is the compaction ratio in hp msa 2050 ?


Re: What is the compaction ratio in hp msa 2050 ?


Below are the few points which can be helpful to answer your query:

  • The compaction technology used in the MSA2050 is called thin provisioning.
  • There is no specific ratio, Thin Provisioning is a storage allocation scheme that automatically allocates storage as your applications need it.
  • Thin Provisioning allows storage allocation of physical storage resources only once they are consumed by an application. Thin Provisioning also allows over-provisioning of physical storage pool resources allowing ease of growth for volumes without predicting storage capacity upfront.
  • For more information on thin provisioning check the SMU reference guide for HPE MSA 2050:  Click here to access the SMU Reference Guide for HPE MSA 1050/2050. (Page 24)

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