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Where is Volume IQN on MSA 2012i iscsi

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Where is Volume IQN on MSA 2012i iscsi

New to MSA, read and absorbed what I can of the documentation. My other SAN IBM DS300 has an iqn assigned for each volume. This is used as a target for my Qlogic HBA's.

I created a new volume, and there is an iqn for the monitor>advanced settings>host port status. I see iqn for the port, but what about for a volume? am I supposed to target the port? How does the HBA know what LUN then? am I supposed to suffix the volume name after the host iqn? I made that up.

Any help is extremely appreciated. I can't attach to my MSA. Thanks.
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Re: Where is Volume IQN on MSA 2012i iscsi

To address each volume you select different LUNs not different iSCSI addresses (IQN). Each controller has a seperate IQN, iqn.some-date.something.a for controller A, iqn.some-date.something.b for controller B.

Use this addresses and select the right LUN for the volume you want to connect to.
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Re: Where is Volume IQN on MSA 2012i iscsi

How to select a LUN from the initiator side? I'm having the same problem with an MSA2012i.


Initiators running on WIndows 7, FreeBSD 9.1, and VMware ESXi 5.1 only see something like this, not a volume or LUN:


Connecting to this iqn is possible, but it only shares the enclosure, not any volumes. Packet captures from all three OSs show the same thing: This is the only iqn advertised in response to the iSCSI SendTargets=All command.


Thanks in advance for help with connecting to this device.