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Will this setup work?

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Will this setup work?

Based on the advise of the EMEA Pre-Sales Support we've ordered teh following configuration:

1x AJ948A HP StorageWorks MSA2012 3.5-in Drive Bay Chassis
1x AJ798A HP 2300fc Modular Smart Array Controller
1x AM866A#ABB HP StorageWorks 8/8 Base SAN Switch
6x AJ716A HP 8Gb Short Wave B-series FC SFP+ 1 Pack
5x AJ762A HP StorageWorks 81E PCIe FC HBA Single
LC cables and SAS disks left out of this overview.

Objective was to setup a SAN environment for 5 servers with central storage/boot capabilities. At first being really low-budget taking the single point of failures for granted. When up and running redundancy will be added due to increased budgets.

The HBA's do communicatie with the storage controller but refuse to communicate with teh SFP's in the 8/8 SAN Switch. The SFP's in the switch report No-Sync or not installed! Called support and got another switch which showed up with the same problems. Firmware is the latest available.

Being pretty frustrated we got our hands on a 4/8 SAN Switch which worked straight away (well, all SFP's showed an active link and link speeds were 4Gb). So all hardware except the 8/8 SAN Switch is working well.

Contacted HP about this problem and all they say is the configuration will never work. They try to avoid to answer my question why the SFP's in the switch will not show an active link. One support engineer took the time to view remotely and all he could say was that the problem was with the switch but he wouldn't confirm his findings by email.

I'm very dissappointed in the way HP Support takes care of this problem. Please can anyone confirm this setup will work and if I'm right saying the switch doesn't function properly.

Thanks in advance,