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Windows 2008 cluster MSA 1000

Idan Lerer
Occasional Contributor

Windows 2008 cluster MSA 1000


I'm trying to install Windows 2008 R2 64B server on DL 380G5 with MSA 1000 (Fiber connection)
I had firemware version 4.88 (If I remember right) and for looking into some forum I need to upgrade the firmeware.
So I upgrade to 7.0 A/A

(What is the different between this version and 5.3 A/P version?)

I'm still getting error in my Windows 2008 cluster
Failed to put PR reserve on cluster disk 0 from node status 170
Cluster Disk 0 does not support Persistent Reservations. Some storage devices require specific firmware versions or settings to function properly with failover clusters. Please contact your storage administrator or storage vendor to check the configuration of the storage to allow it to function properly with failover clusters.

What I need to configure in the MSA 1000 to solve that?

How I can upgrade the MSA 1000 internal fiber switch ? (right now my firemware is V3.2.1b switch type 18.2 (from where I can download the firemware and how should I install it since in the swtich I should give only FTP IP)

James Muell
Valued Contributor

Re: Windows 2008 cluster MSA 1000

You can't upgrade the internal FC switch OS beyond 3.2.1. Thats is the last code version for those switches. If you have configured for redundancy - dual contrls, switches, HBAs, multipathing. Check your cabling from storage port to switches. Check to see if your luns are all checked off in SSP in the ACU. Review your array\lun design.
The diff btwn 5.3 and 7.0 is 7 is active active and does to some path swapping under certain conditions. 5.3 is A/P as you know. Remember if you go to downgrade fm 7.0 to 5.3you will lose ALL configuration information in the controllers.
Best solution is to call HP an open a case.
Idan Lerer
Occasional Contributor

Re: Windows 2008 cluster MSA 1000

I solved the problem:
1. In the fiber switch I had 3.2.1b so I upgrade to 3.2.1c
2. I upgrade MSA 1000 to 7.0 A/A (upgrade to 5.3 A/P didn't help)
3. Upgrade all DL350 G5 firmware using firmware CD
4. I succeed to pass all Windows 2008 R2 cluster verification