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Re: Windows wants HSV200 Drivers??

Duncan Boucher
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Windows wants HSV200 Drivers??

I know there is no such thing...and have even fixed this issue in the past..but for the life of me I can not remember the file name or description of the file that disables Windows from finding the HSV's as "new Hardware" at every re-boot.

Can someone please send me a link or search criteria to get this elusive file?

Sheldon Smith

Re: Windows wants HSV200 Drivers??

Sounds like you are missing the HBA driver/update component.
Go to -> "Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters"
Click on the desired HBA for the ProLiants. If not there, check under the "Retired products" link.
Then, click on "Software & drivers" -> "Download drivers and software", select your model, select your version of Windows. Pick the latest Driver component, choosing whether you want/need SCSIport or the Storport driver.
Download, run, reboot.

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Dan Kobus
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Re: Windows wants HSV200 Drivers??

If you dont have HP HBA's you can perfrom the following;

download the HP driver associated with the HBA

extract the drivers to a folder

in Device Manager update the drivers for the HSV200 pointing to the folder you extracted the HBA drivers too