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Zoning Disruptive?

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Zoning Disruptive?

I currently have a P2000 G3 connected to a couple 8/20 fiber swtiches which then connects to several servers. I have 1 active zone on the switches. I want to add a couple of new ports to the zone. When I add the new ports into the zone, save the new config, then activate it, will this create a disruption to the current servers, i.e. will I need to restart the servers or anything? I dont want to change anything else with the current servers, I just want to bring a new server into the zone to talk to the p2000.

Should I create a new zone set configured like I want and the activate it? That way if there is an issue I could reactivate the old zone set.


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Zoning Disruptive?

Usually the two switches would be independent, so that if there is a disruption with one switch the servers can still access storage over the other one.


I would modify the zone set by creating a new zone with the P2000 and the new servers. Don't make changes to the existing zones.  To be extra safe you could first make a copy of the zone set in use and then make changes to that one.


/Edit, forgot to write: Zone set changes that involves adding new zones are not disruptive.

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Re: Zoning Disruptive?

I have pretty much the same setup.

I have created 3 separate zones for different setups (one zone connectes to a P2000, other zones connect directly to servers.

When I did this there was no disruption on my setup.

Do make a note of the current setup though.