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balance disk group


balance disk group

I have a MSA 2052 with 9 SSD disks currently configured as 4 disk in Disk Pool A as diskgroupA and another 4 disk in DIsk pool B as diskgroupB. 1 SSD as hot spare. 

My company just bought additional 10 SSD drives . How can I configure to make it a balanced diskgroup in the disk pool?

Can changed the set size without affecting the data in side the current volume? 


Re: balance disk group


Ideally you will want to balance the new SSDs so they are equally distributed to the two Pools. However, without knowing your current space/size of the exisiting disk-groups it is hard to make a good recommendation.

One way to go would be to add two 5 drive disk-groups with one disk-group to Pool A and one to Pool B. You could then expand the volume size by adding the new disk-groups to the existing volume.

A second way to go would be to add the new drives to the exisiting disk-group.

One other thought would be to add a few of the new SSDs as a performance tier. You will need a license if you choose this option. Howevre, carefully consider your usage and needs before you try this method.


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Re: balance disk group

All the current SSD are same capacity 800GB. Both diskgroup configured as raid5. I attached the diagram for better understanding.