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Re: can not set "Switch PID Format" to 0

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can not set "Switch PID Format" to 0

I have to set the PID format to 0 because the switch replaces one with that setting.

Switch PID Format: (1..2) 0
integer must be between 1 and 2 - please re-enter

Firmware: V5.3.2.
Is there a way to use this switch whiteout altering the HW_path in hp-ux?
Malcolm Wade
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Re: can not set "Switch PID Format" to 0

If the new switch you have has more than 16 ports, PIDformat must be < 0.

I also vaguely recall v5.x firmware enforces PIDformat of < 0 to ensure support for switches with < 16 ports in the fabric.

Is you old switch a 1 or 2Gb switch with <= 16 ports? It was the default setting for old switch/firmware combinations but changed I think with v5.