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clx - cluster extension eva - failed disk resource

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clx - cluster extension eva - failed disk resource

Hi All

I have a test cluster environemnt successfully running MNS cluster across 2 sites (each site 4400 with CA). I have experienced (looks random) an issue where the server being failed over to fails to see the disk that CLX has failed over. I have had to either rescan disks on the server or suspend/resume the DR Group then rescan. This doesn't always happen and I cant see a trigger in all the testing I have done. Any clues very welcome.
Urban Petry
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Re: clx - cluster extension eva - failed disk resource

Have you configured the DR Group for "Read Only" access on the destination site as per chapter 2 step 9 of the CLX (v2.x) installation guide?

The SSSU command would be:
set dr_group â \Data Replication\â accessmode=readonly

Since the cluster node on site B accesses only the EVA on site B this has to be done for the server to "get to know" the vdisk before it actually accesses it.

You can verify your setup by checking whether you see the cluster shared disk on all passive nodes (the ones that have the physical disk resource _not currently_ online) both in Disk Management and Windows Explorer (if you try to access such a disk with Explorer you get a "Device is not ready" error).

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Re: clx - cluster extension eva - failed disk resource

Urban.... thanks for the post. I am not sure where this went wrong in hindsight. However I recreated everything from scratch inc. DR groups ensuring RO at destination and have not been able to fault the failover since.