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connect MDS 600 to A HP MSA 2000 via SAS

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connect MDS 600 to A HP MSA 2000 via SAS

Hi Hope someone can help.

We currently have a HP Dothill Storageworks SAS which i think has a MSA2012FC controller. We also have a MSA2000 SAS expansion array connected via the SAS port. We were looking to get a MDS 600 and hoping to swap out the MSA2000 SAS array. the MSA2000 uses the SAS SFF-8470 connector, while the MDS 600 uses the SFF-8088.

If I was to use a SFF-8088 to a SFF-8470 cable will my current controller be able to see the MDS 600 as an additional enclosure?

Essentially i'm looking for high density storage to be added to my current SAS controller.

Your advice on this would be much appreciated?