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connecting switch silkworm 200e with 2x hp san switch 8/24

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connecting switch silkworm 200e with 2x hp san switch 8/24


I try to connect this two switches without isl trunking, just cascading connection, because i don't have license for it.

When i connecting silkworm 200e to silkworm 300, the green led is flashing and on silworm300 i have :
additional port info: segmented, disabled e_port

I try change portcfgeport but it didn't helped me

On silkworm 200e i have fabric os 5.0.x on silkworm300 i have fabric 6.1.x, port status is online, e_port, AN.

I tried to set the same zone on both switches and i delete all zones on both, but in any case it didn't work :(

thank You for any advice

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Re: connecting switch silkworm 200e with 2x hp san switch 8/24

Hi i made some debug and i think that i don't have fabric license which is obligatory for connection switches...

fabStateShow :

16:16:00.278 SCN LR_PORT (0);g=0x23 D2,P0 D2,P0 7 NA
16:16:00.407 SCN Port Online;g=0x23 D2,P0 D2,P1 7 NA
16:16:00.408 *ELP Send D2,P1 D2,P1 7 0x48
16:16:01.349 ELP Rcv D2,P1 D2,P1 7 0x756
16:16:01.349 *No trunk license D2,P1 D2,P1 7 NA
16:16:01.349 *ELP Snd ACC D2,P1 D2,P2 7 0x756
16:16:02.453 SCN AC_PORT D2,P2 D2,P3 7 NA
16:16:02.453 Segment: no fabric license D2,P3 D2,P3 7 NA
16:16:02.453 *Removing all nodes from port D2,P3 D2,P3 7 NA
16:16:02.456 EFP Rcv D2,P3 D2,P3 7 0x758
16:16:02.456 *EFP Snd RJT - ct prfrm, e disbl D2,P3 D2,P3 7 0x758

foton:admin> fabStatsShow
Description Count
Domain ID forcibly changed: 0
E_Port offline transitions: 0
Reconfigurations: 0
Segmentations due to:
Loopback: 0
Incompatibility: 0
Overlap: 0
Zoning: 0
E_Port Segment: 0
Licensing: 11 <
Disabled E_Port: 0
Platform DB: 0
Sec Incompatibility: 0
Sec Violation: 0
ECP Error: 0
Duplicate WWN: 0
Eport Isolated: 0

Web license
Zoning license

foton login: admin
foton:admin> switchshow
switchName: foton
switchType: 34.0
switchState: Online
switchMode: Native
switchRole: Principal
switchDomain: 6
switchId: fffc06
switchWwn: 10:00:00:05:1e:35:e8:ad
zoning: OFF
switchBeacon: OFF

Area Port Media Speed State
0 0 id N4 No_Light
1 1 id N4 No_Light
2 2 id N4 No_Light
3 3 id N4 No_Light
4 4 id N2 Online F-Port 21:00:00:e0:8b:12:bf:ef
5 5 id N4 No_Light
6 6 id N4 No_Light
7 7 id N4 Online E-Port segmented,(No Fabric License)