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cwdm module to fiber channel switch

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cwdm module to fiber channel switch



I looking some module CWDM to make passive cwdm transmision. Already i have switches: storageworks 8/24 and fc switch in hp blade encloser:

Type    SLKWRM, Model    HP,Tag    00ff, Fabric OS version    v6.3.1c

I try put module from another vendor and i get:

 Error    Data access error on SFP in Slot 0/Port 17 (-1007). Try reseating or replacing it.      
Port 17 port faulted due to SFP validation failure. Please check if the SFP is valid for the configuration.


There is some way to resolve this problem or maybe there is some CWDM module in HP ? I asked my account seller from HP but he didn't find anything. Unfortunately i have limit on my budget..


thanks for any advice