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debian with 2.6 kernel and ACU

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debian with 2.6 kernel and ACU


i want to use the acu utility to manage my MSA 1000 from a debian system.

i have a QLogic Corp. QLA2312 Fibre Channel Adapter (rev 02) with the appropriate drivers from the linux kernel.

when i start cpqacuxe and browse to the webinterface i can´t see my MSA 1000.

in the readme to cpqacuxe stands the the driver for cpq_cpqarray and cpq_cciss must be upgraded to version or later... but i don´t find the source for the cpq_cpqarray drivers.

do i really need them? i read that they are the driver for the hba, for which i already loaded the driver from the kernel.

can anyone explain me howto get the acu utility to run under debian 3.1 (sarge)