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decommission an EVA 5000


decommission an EVA 5000

I searched on HP's site but didn't find anything difinitive....


Is there a "proper" procedure for decommissioning an EVA system (in our case, it's an old EVA 5000).  Obviously we've migrated all of the data off of it, but can we just "turn it off" or do I need to remove all the disk groups and uninitialize it, or ????  


Thank you!

Dennis Handly
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Re: decommission an EVA 5000

Are you worried about wiping the data on it?

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Re: decommission an EVA 5000

You can initialise the eva, which will bring it to default state and shutdown the array.


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Steven Clementi
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Re: decommission an EVA 5000

If you have no requirement to securely wipe any potential data on the disks, then just shut it off.  Theoretically, you can just pull the plugs.


Now, are you going to reuse the Array? or just get rid of it?  If you will re-purpose, then you may want to un-initialize the unit, reconfigure the disks/shelves... and re-initialize it.

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