eva 5000 & vms

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eva 5000 & vms

Do you need to do any type of command set to the vms console when configuring an alpha/vms system with an eva ?
Uwe Zessin
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Re: eva 5000 & vms

Hello Beth,
if you want to boot from the EVA, then you need to configure the boot paths. This is done with the WWIDMGR utility. Documentation should be on the AlphaServer firmware CD-ROM (wwidmgr.pdf, I think).
Sheldon Smith

Re: eva 5000 & vms

First, you need to have the OS Unit ID number set on the vdisk that will be the boot disk. For purposes of illustration, let's say, 101.

At the Alpha console prompt,

wwidmgr -show wwid
If you have done anything else with the Alpha, it will tell you to INIT the system first. In that case, after the "init", do the "wwidmgr -show wwid" command again. Amongst the WWID entries shown, you should see our UDID 101. If not, check zoning and vdisk presentations.

wwidmgr -quickset -udid 101
This sets the WWIDMGR environment variables ("wwidmgr -show ev") to see that is has been set.

to get back to the console, and

show dev
should now show the vdisk ($1$DGA101) in the device list. Hopefully, you have 4 lines starting: dga101.n... and dgb101.n...

At this point, do the set bootdef_dev: "set bootdef_dev dg*101.*"

IF the vdisk does not already have a bootable system, boot from a disk that does, and do a "Backup /Image" from it to $1$DGA101:. Then shutdown and boot from $1$DGA101.

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