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expand VDISK on p2000 G3 FC


expand VDISK on p2000 G3 FC

Hi all,


just trying to expand a 3 TB VDISK RAID 5 to 4TB with one 1TB hd. It's took about 24 hours. (only 64GB data was on it)

Now i would like to expand a vdisk (5 TB) which is in use by about 50 users and is filled with 4,5 TB of data. I would like to add on 1 TB disk ti this. This VDsik is running in RAID 5.

So now i would like to know about the time it would takes.

I mean if i see the first test with 3 TB = 24 hours

I would say it wouldn't takes more the 48 hours to expand a 5TB to 6 TB.

The only thing i don't know is does the data which is allready on the vdisk(4,5 TB) affect to the time i need for the expand?

PS. The whitepaper best practise says i have to shutdown all connected hosts and the support hotline  and reference guide says, mail me i can do that while user are working on it. I'm confused.


Thank you