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find serial number on HP MSA 2012i

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find serial number on HP MSA 2012i

hello, i have buy care pack for MSA 2012i, but i not see the serial for indicate the HP presales.

Please help me.

which format to search?




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Re: find serial number on HP MSA 2012i

Try to telnet/ssh to one management controller and do

# show enclosures

Hope this helps!

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Re: find serial number on HP MSA 2012i

Hiya, the following worked for me when registering Care Pack - for MSA 2012 series use AJ747A as a product number. To establish a serial number simply connect via telnet or ssh to your disk array and run show configuration - there will be lots of serial numbers (controlers, disks, PSU,etc )  but you're after a line that says "Configuration SN:"


Hope this helps.



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