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hp acu and firefox 4, missing ssp tab

Alex kamenik
Occasional Contributor

hp acu and firefox 4, missing ssp tab

It looks as if the SSP/Access Control tab is simply missing when using Firefox 4 in HP ACU. It is there with Firefox 3.6.


I tried with a clean profile too, so this isn't some kind of custom setting or addon I have added to FF4.


The SSP tab is gone before I even select a Controller (local P400 and MSA1500cs over fiber). All the other tabs and buttons are there.


I have no idea why it's not present with FF4. Anybody else experience this?


HP ACU on 32bit linux. Tried two versions: cpqacuxe-8.60-7.0.noarch.rpm and cpqacuxe-8.70-9.0.noarch.rpm. With the latest HP SMH.