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hp p2000 san storage


hp p2000 san storage

 I get a hp p2000 san storage and now i can't access its interface management .. i tried to connect it to an layer 1 switch and then connect my laptop to the switch .. then tried to pint to or but no respond .. Can you help me how can i access it 


Re: hp p2000 san storage


Try to use Serial cable and access the P2000 box. Please find the link which you guide you with Serial cable details,

ALternatively you try below steps,

"connect Ethernet cable to your Laptop
and configure your Laptop IP as
then start a command prompt
and send a broadcast ping
see the response
if you get any IP address apart from then it's the controller IP

otherwise better you ping full broadcast IP
if you don't know the subnet"

Also you can refer below link,


Hope this helps!

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