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Re: iSCSI considerations on MSA 2050

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iSCSI considerations on MSA 2050


My english is not very good, please, excuse me...
We have a HPE MSA 2050 with 4 iSCSI 10Gb adapters (2 per controllers) connected to a Nexus switch.
A1 :  /  B1:
A2 :  /  B2 :

ESXi 6.5 U3 is using this storage with 10Gb dedicated cards.
On ESXi, we have 2 vmkernel with diffrent ip subnet associated to 2 dédicated cards :
-1 10GB card with subnet
-a second 10GB card subnet

We use a software iSCSI adapter without port binding (as preconised by vmware) from ESXi host.
All LUNs of the MSA are visible.
But, As preconised by tech specs HPE, msa volumes starts at LUN number 1 to free up "LUN 0" (enclosure reserved)

Consequence : ISCSI software on the ESXI shows a LUN0 named "enclosure". Why ? How to mask it ? So, it counts a total of 20 patchs instead of 16 (8/subnets), and LUN0 is not an array storage...

I activate onthe msa the option "Missing LUN response : Illegal Request"

Thanks for your help !

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Re: iSCSI considerations on MSA 2050

I forget to indicate that ESXi have not yeat rebooted.


Re: iSCSI considerations on MSA 2050



The HPE MSA Storage enclosure is presented to vSphere as a Fibre Channel enclosure using LUN 0. This means all volumes mapped to the vSphere hosts or clusters must not use LUN 0. The SMU software doesn’t automatically detect this and for each mapping created, it defaults to LUN 0.


Reference page 27 of MSA best practices guide for VMWARE:


Do not make any changes to MSA enclosure entry showing up in ESXI.

Its the  command console lun id for control commands.

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Re: iSCSI considerations on MSA 2050


Thanks but i've already read this paper. Under vCenter, because of enclosure, i see 2 additionnal path with my iSCSI adaptater pointing to enclosure LUN 0 ! Instead of 4 paths to my volumes, it adds 2 paths to enclosure. Is it normal ?

Under MSA, i start LUN number at number 1.

In the beginning, i fogot the rule of LUN 0. So i had a volume on MSA starting with LUN0 and vCenter seeing just 4 paths. I recreated the volume with LUN0 and then, vCenter shows 6 paths...