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loadbalancing controllers msa

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loadbalancing controllers msa

Storage: MSA2052
We want to use load balancing of both controllers, and mount only one volume.
We have 10xSAS Disk 10k and 4 SSD Disks
We created 2 x VDiskpool with 5 discs each in Raid 5, and placed them on pool A.
Do we have now load balancing over both controllers? 
With this config I can create 1 volume over both disk groups.
As soon as I put the disk pools on A and B, I no longer have the option to put 1 volume over both disk pools!

We also want to use the SSDs explicit for special virtual maschines, i would place this SSDs on Pool B and mount this to a volume, without using autotiering.

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Re: loadbalancing controllers msa

single volume can't be part of both Pools........volume can be created from space taken from Pool A or Pool B

You have created two Virtual Disk Groups and put them under Pool A. So any volume created should be part of this pool only.

If you want to create some specific volumes with the help of SSD and want always data access in this tier only even though you have other type of drives in this system. Then you need to use option Volume affinity at the time of volume creation for Pool B with SSD Virtual Disk Groups. Please refer SMU guide and best practice technical paper for more details

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