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migrating from MSA-30 DAS to MSA-1510i SAN solution

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migrating from MSA-30 DAS to MSA-1510i SAN solution

I currently have an MSA-30 attached to a server with a SA-6402 (DAS solution) and now I'm considering to purchase an MSA-1510i to convert the installation to a SAN so I have a couple of questions:

1) Are the MSA-1510i controller and the dual SCSI I/O module Ultra320 compliant ? I read through tens of user guides pages and cannot find anything saying so, and I am aware that the "superior" MSA FC based solutions are ONLY Ultra3 compliant (ie Ultra160) and not Ultra320.

2) Why there's no 10 GbE (or 10 Gbps) Ethernet module instead of the 1 GE mentioned in the manual ? I mean, there are many 10GbE implementations right now from Intel etc (HBA and so) and are FAR cheaper than FC based solutions and are FAR faster (10 Gbps vs 2 Gbps for FC -4 Gbps in the best case, which cost fortunes) ? Am I missing something fundamental here ? Is such an Ethernet module planned or in the making ?

I edit digital media so my primary concerns are SPEED and NOISE.

Given the fact that I currently have an Ultra320 enclosure fitted with Fujitsu MAU3147NC 15K drives I have the speed issue fixed and I can not be happier -I tried a couple SATA based DAS solutions and are by no way close to what I have right now -not to mention the near non-working MSA-20 which gave us all many headaches as seen in the forum posts. And of course, I can count on the reliability of SCSI.

What is BLOWING my mind right now is one little detail that needs some fixing: NOISE ! The MSA-30 blowers are ... exasperating ! Before I installed this enclosure my 10 drives were installed on an Intel SC5300 chassis with the hot-swap bay options and were very quiet but the problem is I need more drives. That's why I was looking for some SAN solution to move the enclosure to another room or so because I have the limits of the SCSI cabling, not to mention that in this case more than one person could work on the same project which is a limitation in my current implemtation.

In real life (a couple of users) how different could be the performance of a DAS Ultra320 solution compared to a SAN GbE one ? Anybody knows ?

Please advise.