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moving between san s

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moving between san s

i have a 2 node netware 6.5 cluster. the disk storage is on an old san. a
support company is coming in to setup a new san. i suspect these people
will have no netware knowledge but you never know.
all i know is that they want us to put a new hba in each of the servers so
that the server can communicate with new san.
i thought that the sans would have been able to do some physical migrate
of the disks with no os involvement but seemingly they are a different

how do we go about moving the data. i assume i need to recreate sbd's etc.
backup trustees, and the data >?

Steven Clementi
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Re: moving between san s


There are a few options you can consider...

1. Install a new HBA into the server(s) and assign new LUN's to them.. Copy the data over and remove the old storage.

2. Connect your old SAN to your new SAN

The question(s) to ask is...

1. What type of SAN switches do you have in your old SAN? Switches? or HUBS?

2. What kind of SAN switches do you have in your new SAN?

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