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we just bought an msa1000, i'm new at this san thing. so i just wanted to know if the msa also uses file compesion like our tape drive. or is it just like a server with an array of scsi disks.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: msa

The MSA1000 is a Fibre Channel storage array with a FC front-end and a SCSI back-end. It does not know what a file it and it does not compress any data.

It is not really a 'server', because it is not built from server technology - uses a special SmartArray controller.
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Re: msa

SAN is just a way to connect storage to servers. (basically).

You can also attach tape drives directly to the SAN.

There's really not much magic.

The MSA1000 is interesting, since it combines a storage array with built-in SAN switches (or hubs).

I have several of the units. They are very reliable.

If your O/S is windows, you'll have a very easy time configuring your msa1000. If you are running in a UNIX environment, let me know, and I can help with the CLI commands needed to get you started.