msa30 problem

junaid akhtar

msa30 problem

I have MSA30 DB attached with DL360 G5 server.It gives the error !scsi slot 2 enclosure back plane not respnding.It has 14 disks/7 are accessed and other 7 are not accessable.Any ida what goes wrong.Have changed the controller card of MSA and Raid controller 6400.But problem still exist.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: msa30 problem

Since it's an MSA30 DB, it has 2 SCSI buses and 2 SCSI ports. You access 7 disks through each port.

Have you changed the SCSI cables?

Swap the cables coming from the Smart Array, see if you can access the other 7 disks now.