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need to replace hard drive

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need to replace hard drive

I have a SAN that has a server attached tht needs the hard drive replace. as i have not done this repair, on a SAN, before Iwas wondering if I can just replace the bad drive with the good one. i do have a mangement applicance attached to this SAN and have noticed the "state" to from failed to reduced. does this mean that the drive is being rebuilt for me.(hopefully)

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Jack Smrekar

Re: need to replace hard drive


When the state is reduced, it means that the raidset is still functioning but there are not disks in the spareset that match the replacement policy. For instance, we used RADI5 where I work. If we had a disk failure and there were no spare disks, then the LUN would be in a "reduced" state. The replacement procedure is really easy and is designed to be done on-line. The procedure is:

1. Verify that the failedset is set to autospare
2. Remove the failed disk drive
3. Put the new disk in.

Replacement procedures are in the Maintenance & Service Guide.